Blackburn Sings Christmas with Gareth Malone

In this seasonal special, choirmaster Gareth Malone heads to Blackburn – one of the areas of the country hardest hit by Covid-19 – to create a concert that celebrates the work of NHS staff and the community spirit of the town. In the Royal Blackburn Hospital, and the surrounding town, Gareth comes across a wealth of amateur musical talent. Working with them to devise and rehearse musical performances that reflect their experiences over the last year, he uncovers a range of moving stories about how the town has pulled together through the pandemic. The final concert will be an emotional thank you to the local hospital, an uplifting celebration of community, and a chance to bring some festive joy to the nation.

“There’s absolutely no overstatement in the title of this documentary about a woman who refused to be defined by what others thought she was…an effervescent film.”

The Telegraph

“There are lots of stellar contributors…It’s Ashley, though, who steals the limelight. The strength, humour and sheer guts of a woman dragged over the coals for daring to become herself is breathtaking to witness.”

The Guardian