Why Am I Still Single?

Why Am I Still Single?

"A rare stroke of television genius." The Observer

"It's a neat format which makes for compelling, voyeuristic viewing." The Daily Telegraph

"Real-life romance, self-improvement and prurient curiosity about other people's lives - this has all the makings of a proper series." The Sunday Times


Would you let a complete stranger question your ex about your relationship?

In this documentary, one single man and one single woman turn detective on each others love lives in an attempt to answer that all important question: Why Am I Still Single?

The two strangers meet each others friends, families and ex-partners, are given free access to each others emails and social networking accounts, and even sleep in each others beds. Before they even meet, these two singletons uncover the most intimate details of each others lives.

Subjecting each others relationship history to intense scrutiny, they come to reflect on their own reasons for still being single. When they finally meet up, each reveals why they think the other person is single and what they have to do to remedy it.

So, can someone you have never met before see things about you that you just cant see about yourself? And can two complete strangers help each other to find love and happiness?