Lost Boys?: What’s Going Wrong for Asian Men?

Lost Boys?: What’s Going Wrong for Asian Men?

"Informed, thorough and provocative, Baigs report was full of hard answers...an object lesson in how to tackle an immensely sensitive subject head on." The Guardian (Four stars)

"A thought-provoking documentary." The Times

"A spry and eye-opening tele-essay." The Telegraph (Four stars)


Over the last few years the story weve been hearing about British Asian Men has been overwhelmingly negative. In this personal film Mehreen Baig, a British-Pakistani woman, goes behind the headlines and meets a range of young men, to understand their experiences of growing up in modern Britain.

As a state school teacher, Mehreen saw British Asian boys from some communities falling behind. Now she wants to know why there are such huge disparities in how well different communities have integrated into the UK, why some are faring better than others in jobs and education, and why women from South Asian backgrounds are now outstripping their male peers.