Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip

Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip

"Excellent, engrossing, complex, fascinating portrait of a country in political meltdown." The Sunday Times

"Blunt questions from an eccentric outsider..but what Perry argues most convincingly is that we have to listen too." The Guardian

"Perry distinguishes himself by saying the unsayable...The candour makes his subjects trust him, and you do too. One not to miss." Hugo Rifkind in The Times

"Unfailingly clever, he's unafraid to let the silences draw out, feels not the need to fill them with gabble, then stings with the most pertinent questions, often about the elephant in the room." Observer


In this very personal three-part documentary travelogue, award-winning artist and social commentator Grayson Perry travels across the USA to explore the meaning of the American Dream today. At a time when the nation can sometimes seem more divided than ever, he spends time with people from very different walks of life, to try to understand how Americans today view issues of identity, race, money and class.