Grayson Perry: All Man

Grayson Perry: All Man

"Wonderful new series." “ The Sunday Times
"Warm, wise and uplifting." “ Five stars in The Telegraph
"Extraordinary." “ The Observer
"Another incredible series: Perry, always able to cut through to truth with ease, has found a niche as the nations commentator-in-chief. The Guardian


In his new series, Turner Prize-winning artist and double BAFTA award-winning TV presenter Grayson Perry is investigating contemporary masculinity. As a frock-wearing, mountain-biking, father of one and chronicler of modern manners, he's got a unique perspective on his own tribe. And he thinks they're a stranger and more interesting bunch than they let on.

In Grayson Perry: All Man, Grayson puts himself in three ultra-male worlds to see what their extreme masculinity has to tell us about the changing lives and expectations of all men in Britain today. As ever, he tries to capture what he sees by making art, and then shows that art to the people who inspired it. But this is a more immersive and more personal series than the last two, and sees Grayson reflect on his own prejudices, his own machismo and his upbringing.

Episode 1 - HARD MAN - sees Grayson spend time with a group of cage fighters in the North East. As a self-described 'lifelong sissy', Grayson thinks the desire to be tough is holding modern men back. But as he explores the vulnerabilities that lie behind the fighters' public personas, takes part in the Durham miners' gala and meets the friends and family left behind in the wake of one young mans suicide, what he uncovers reverses his expectations.

In Episode 2 - TOP MAN - Grayson goes to Skelmersdale, Lancashire to meet two groups of men concerned with rank and territory: the police and the drug dealers they regularly arrest - as well as the local residents who live with this turf war. More than 80% of the crime and anti-social behaviour in the UK is caused by men, but the issue is rarely addressed in gender terms. As Grayson joins officers on a raid, and walks the boundary of the estate with some of the young men who live there, he finds universal male preoccupations bound up in this very local conflict.

Episode 3 “ RATIONAL MAN “ finds Grayson among traders and hedge-fund managers in the City of London. The modern City, they tell him, is all about calm, cool rationality, but Grayson suspects that in the long journey from hunting mammoths to clicking mice, impulsive aggression and raw passion haven't disappeared quite so easily. A tense final exhibition sees the financial powerbrokers come face to face with the work that Grayson has created.

This is Perrys third series for Channel 4, following the success of his two previous BAFTA-Award winning series: All in the Best Possible Taste in 2012 and Grayson Perry: Who Are You? in 2014. Grayson Perry's Dream House was nominated for a BAFTA and two RTS Awards.