Extreme Dog Styling

Extreme Dog Styling

"Think of the movie Best in Show and ramp it up ten notches." The Guardian

"Hilariously funny...Simon Callow's straight-faced narration makes it unmissable." The Observer

Prepare for your jaws to drop! The maddest show of the year. Heat


All across America, poodles are being crimped, pimped and dyed to compete in a multi-million dollar industry. This fiercely competitive world sees hundreds of groomers vie to turn their dogs into ever more outlandish designs, with the owners as colourful as their canine creations.

Every year dog owners come together at the worlds largest grooming event in Hershey, Pennsylvania - the Olympics of creative grooming. Until now, the competition has been dominated by big American groomers. But this year, one lone British dog-lover, Su Eld-Weaver, travels with her poodle, Dobby, in an against-all-the-odds bid to beat the Americans.

For the first time in history, could a British dog triumph at Hershey?