Being Bipolar

Being Bipolar

"It felt incredibly could see that watching this ought to increase public understanding of an often misunderstood condition...Perry is great, too. Smart, human, compassionate." The Independent

"Perry's nuanced approach shows the dialogue is worth starting. What's not in doubt is the bravery of the participants in this moving documentary." The Guardian

"This thoughtful film feels timely when 3% of the population have the condition." The Sunday Times


With twenty years experience working in mental health, psychotherapist Philippa Perry has witnessed the dramatic rise in numbers of people being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. In this one off documentary she explores the condition from the perspective of those living with it to see the impact this debilitating mental illness has on both them, their friends and families.

Filmed over several months the programme charts the lives of people whose depressions can leave them immobile with suicidal feelings of worthlessness; while manias can generate feelings of omnipotence and invincibility. Philippa examines various explanations for the disorder from genetics to life experiences, looks at the use of prescription drugs, and explores other therapies and treatments.