Reviews for ‘The Curry House Kid’

Our latest documentary, The Curry House Kid, with dancer and choreographer Akram Khan, transmitted to rave reviews across the board.

The five-star review in The Guardian called the film “brave, beautiful…deeply touching”.

The full review can be found here:

Meanwhile, iNews called the documentary “stunning” and said:

“When the final dance was staged, it was breathtaking: heavy, beautiful, deeply moving. I was transfixed.”

The Times gave the film four-stars, and the Evening Standard said: “Khan is an engaging presenter: gentle, open and unafraid to make mistakes when cooking with his interviewees.”

Ryan Gander Documentary

Our new documentary, Me, My Selfie and I with Ryan Gander, transmits on BBC4 at 9pm on Monday 18th March.

Ryan reckons that nothing symbolises the times we live in better than the selfie: the icon of a new kind of self-regard that hardly existed just ten years ago.

But, as he discovers, its roots go back hundreds of years before smartphones, and this uniquely 21st century phenomenon is just the visible tip of a much much bigger iceberg – a radical reinvention of who we are powered by the very latest digital technology. It has not just changed how much we look at ourselves, but also transformed what we see in the screen when we do.

The documentary is directed by Sam Anthony.

Read an interview with Ryan about the programme by clicking here


American High School Repeat

Watch the whole series here on BBC iPlayer

Our award-winning series about a majority African-American High School in South Carolina will enjoy a repeated run on BBC One, beginning at 23.15 on Monday 20th August.

Re-titled for this run as Segregated America: A School in the South, it’s a chance for viewers to once again see the series that follows a charismatic principal and his students, including star football players, Ivy League hopefuls, male cheerleaders and young mothers as they prepare for the next step in life.

The series reveals life through the eyes of young African-Americans, from Homecoming to graduation; from dates at the diner to senior Prom, and captures life-changing moments on the journey to adulthood. This is a High School as you’ve never seen it before, and a unique insight into how it really feels to be young and black in America as the clouds of Trump’s presidency gather overhead.