Grierson Awards Win

Our feature-length documentary The Last Igloo has won a Grierson award for Natural History.

The judges said:

” The judges were hypnotised by this atmospheric film about a livelihood that feels completely other. The slow pace of the narrative was described as a meditative balm that leaves the viewer feeling enriched. To document a way of life that may be lost to future generations in such an original, captivating and immersive way is incredibly important. “

Congratulations to director Christian Collerton, and everyone who worked on the documentary.

And a special thanks to Julius, the Inuit hunter who stars in the film, and the people of Tasiilaq, East Greenland.

The full list of Grierson winners can be found here:

Art Club Exhibition

A special episode of Art Club will air on Channel 4 this winter following an inspiring exhibition opening at Manchester Art Gallery.

In a six-episode run earlier this year, Grayson’s Art Club, presented by award-winning artist Grayson Perry, alongside his wife Philippa, brought the nation together.

A one-off celebratory episode will air on Channel 4 this winter, allowing viewers to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of the curation and development of the Art Club exhibition which will open in the heart of Manchester. It will also see Grayson meet in person (socially distanced, of course) with some of the public participants who had their entries selected for the exhibition, as well as some of the celebrity guests and well-known artists who joined Grayson for the series. Their art will feature in the exhibition, alongside the works Grayson and Phillipa produced during lockdown, including the nation’s guardian spirit, ‘Alan Measles’.

Opening at Manchester Art Gallery from 25 November 2020 – 18 April 2021, the exhibition will track the journey the series took as it unleashed the nation’s collective creativity under the constraints of lockdown. Every week, Grayson hosted the show from his own studio in London, taking the country with him as he created new art works in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each week, a different theme – portraits, animals, fantasy, view from my window, home, national spirit – was explored by Grayson, and he tasked the public, celeb guests and artist friends to develop their own response. Across the run nearly 10,000 pieces of art – from painting to sculptures, photography to mixed media – were entered by the public.

Grayson Perry said: “I could not be happier with Manchester Art Gallery, the venue for the Art Club exhibition; it will be in a people’s palace of culture. All the artists who appeared on our TV series put in a lot of skill, thought and feeling into their works and I am so proud that they will get the opportunity to see their art hanging in this grand, nearly 200-year-old institution. 

From its inception Art Club was about the benefits of making art that is open to all. In the true spirit of the series we will be exhibiting the works grouped not by hierarchy of fame or value but grouped in themes. Each artwork will hang amongst others that talk of the shared experiences we have lived through during this extraordinary time of the COVID-19 crisis. This show is a crystallisation of the feelings and obsessions of artists from all over the country whether it is their first painting since primary school or they are world famous. 

This will be a show about the joy and solace of making art. It will also be a still moment to reflect on a situation that has affected everyone on the planet.”

New York Film & TV Festival

We’ve been awarded medals for two of our recent productions at the New York Film & TV Festival – an international competition that honours content from over fifty countries around the world.

Our feature documentary about an Inuit hunter in Greenland, The Last Igloo, received a gold medal in the ‘Environment & Ecology’ category, while The Curry House Kid, the documentary we made with acclaimed dancer and choreographer Akram Khan, received a bronze medal in the ‘Social Issues’ category.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on, and appeared in, the documentaries.

The full list can be read here:

Enter Your Artwork Here


Terms and Conditions

We, Swan Films, are making a new television series for Channel 4 called “Grayson’s Art Club” (the “Series”).  

In an exciting new project for Channel 4, one of Britain’s leading artists – Grayson Perry – will help bring the nation together through art, and unleash our collective creativity as we live through an unprecedented crisis. Every week, he will host the show from his own studio – taking the country with him as he creates his own new art works. Grayson will talk to other famous artists and creatives about how they are spending their time in isolation and host masterclasses to help teach us all how to create art. He’ll also be asking members of the public to send him their own fantastic artworks which they have been making at home, talking to them via video calls and choosing artworks he loves in each episode. He will encourage viewers to use their time in isolation to produce visual representations of the unique time we are living through. And at the end, Grayson will display the art created in a public exhibition that will chronicle the changing moods of Britain in isolation and provide a record of the historic times we’ve lived through. 

Grayson Perry will send out messages via social media asking for members of the public to participate in the Series by sending in a 3 minute video message of themselves (the “Video”) filmed on their mobile phone together with three photos of their artwork, or video of their artwork (the “Artwork”).  We will then select the Artworks and Videos he wants to consider for inclusion in the Series. If your Video or Artwork is selected one of the producers will then call you to discuss potentially appearing in the Series as a Contributor via video call on your device (the “Contributor”).  If you are selected to be included they will send you a separate contract for your appearance.  

If you want to participate here are some important things you need to know and agree to:

  • We will be deciding with Grayson which Videos and which Artworks to use in the Programme. We can’t promise that your Videos or Artworks will be used or that you will appear as a Contributor, even if you end up being filmed speaking on your device to Grayson as not every Contributor will be included in the final edit of the Series.
  • Accordingly, by submitting your Artworks and Videos you irrevocably and unconditionally agree that we (and third parties authorised by us):
    • may use your Artworks and/or Video in the Series and in any way we see fit in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity without further liability or acknowledgement to you (and you hereby give us all necessary consents and waivers, (including waivers or moral rights) for such purposes);
    • shall be entitled to edit, manipulate, crop, adapt and create derivative works from your photos and comments in any way in our sole discretion in accordance with Ofcom guidelines; and
    • may identify you by name, your social media name or photo and use these and the Videos and Artworks that you submitted in publicity, marketing and advertising for the Programme and other connected material as we so elect.
  • You must comply with the following:
    • You must be 18 years old or older and resident in the UK;
    • Your Artworks and/or Videos must be in accordance with the Series’ instructions and sent to us within the timeframe stated;
    • You confirm that to the best of your knowledge and belief you own and control all the rights in and to the Artwork;
    • You must not include any third party material in your Artwork unless you have obtained permission from the rights holder for it to be included and for it to be used as set out in these terms;
    •  You must not include anything defamatory, illegal, infringing, hateful, obscene or offensive in your Artwork;
  • We are registered as a data processor in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.  We will process your personal data, such as your name, contact details, age etc (including any Special Categories personal data such as your political opinion or religious belief) which may be expressed on your Artwork) in accordance with these terms, our privacy policy ( and the Data Protection Act 2018.  
  • You acknowledge and agree that neither we nor any of our assignees or licensees shall have any liability to you for any loss or damage arising out of the use of your Video or Artwork in accordance with these terms to the extent permitted under applicable law. 
  • You agree that our rights under these terms may be freely licensed and/or assigned by us.
  • These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.
  •  Our full details are as follows: Swan Films Ltd. Registered office is 12 Orleston Mews, London, N7 8LL.

Our website policy can be read here

Tree Planting

As part of Swan Films’ commitment to sustainability and in recognition of the climate emergency, we are pledging monthly donations to the following charities aimed at planting trees and protecting forests and woodlands – Woodland TrustTrees for Cities and Global Greengrants Fund UK.

While it’s important to remain focussed on the more fundamental measures that businesses and governments must take to combat climate change and the depletion of the natural environment, we feel that supporting these charities is one of the practical measures we can take.

Asian Media Awards Win

Our documentary The Curry House Kid with the dancer and choreographer Akram Khan won Best Factual Show at the 2019 Asian Media Awards last night in Manchester.

Shaharul Khan (pictured), who was part of the production team, collected the award.

Congratulations to Akram, the contributors and everyone who worked so hard on the film.

The Curry House Kid is still available to view on All4: