Jubilee Special

Grayson and Philippa Perry are inviting the British public to make their own artworks on the theme of The Queen. To mark the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, Channel 4 has ordered a special one-off episode of Grayson’s Art Club with the aim of getting the nation to express what they feel about the monarch and to celebrate her contribution to national life – through art. The Art Club presenters along with a special guest will then choose their favourites from the regal-inspired art, with the selected works eventually forming part of a major national exhibition.

Grayson and Philippa will also be making their own portraits of Elizabeth II for the occasion. Along with their special guest the presenters will consider some of the art that’s been made about Queen Elizabeth as well as reflecting on what Her Majesty means to all of us, and what that relationship says about Britain.

Viewers can submit their artwork, both for the upcoming series of Art Club and for the special episode about the Queen, at graysonsartclub.com

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