Praise for Divided Britain

“The conclusion of Grayson Perry’s artistic exploration of the tribalism that accompanied the Brexit vote moved some of his subjects to the point of tears, and struck me with the punch of original insight. Perry’s television programmes are great because they dare to reach conclusions that rise to artistic statements.” Five stars, The Times

“By the end Perry had not only created two gigantic pots, but had defined the new divides in British society more succinctly and graphically than anything I’ve seen or read from any sociologist, economist, political scientist or, indeed, journalist. As a contribution to understanding what on earth is going on in Britain these days, it’s not been bettered. Those vases are very valuable.” The Independent

“As a presenter, I find Perry a constant surprise. Here, he was equally unpredictable, almost admiring of those who were desperate to hang onto their little patch of England. The end result was lovely – vibrant, enigmatic, strange – but I would like to have seen more of Perry at the wheel.” The Telegraph

“The artist does his usual thing: exploring the country’s diverse identities and tribal loyalties, then putting what he finds on pots. Again, it works. He is very good at getting people – from Brexit bikers of Boston to Stoke Newington’s remoany yoga yummy mummies – to open up. The result is interesting, too – two pots that aren’t as different as you might think.” The Guardian

“Gathering up the thoughts, images and feelings of Leavers and Remainers alike, he proved to be a fair-handed interviewer, aiming at the heart of what people really felt, rather than sneering or assuming or pushing his own agenda.” Daily Express

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