Muslim Drag Queens Reviews

Our latest documentary – Muslim Drag Queens – has received outstanding reviews across the board:

“It could have been bleak, but this accomplished debut from first-time director Marcus Plowright, narrated by Ian McKellen, was everything a good documentary should be: powerful, often moving and expertly injecting the subject matter with a hefty dose of humour…Too many documentaries are of the point and sneer variety – this commendable film did the opposite, and it sparkled.” The Daily Telegraph (five stars out of five).

“This affecting, insightful documentary was no lazy, blanket condemnation of Islamic conservatism in Britain…important, revealing and unfamiliar story about the modern world, warts, glitter and all.” The Times

“It shows that matters of religion, of sexuality, and of character are never black and white, and that’s surely the point of this excellent film. There are a thousand different shades and perspectives, and brave Asifa is helping his community discover that there is more than one way to live.” Herald Scotland

“Documentary of the week and one that deserves awards”. The Observer

“A hopeful – yet heartbreaking – introduction to a group of people who are desperately trying to live their lives within two communities that are completely at odds with one another.” The Independent

 “Everyone who participated should be credited with bravery.” The Guardian

Congratulations to our courageous contributors and to director Marcus Plowright.

Muslim Drag Queens is available for the next 30 days to view on 4OD –

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