Grayson Perry: Divided Britain

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“Perry’s television programmes are great because they dare to reach conclusions that rise to artistic statements.” Five stars, The Times

“As a contribution to understanding what on earth is going on in Britain these days, it’s not been bettered.” The Independent

“These days if you want to examine the state of modern Britain on TV there’s only one man to call: artist Grayson Perry…An engaging, light-hearted hour of television, which rather like the original simple yes/no vote, turns out to have considerably more weight than imagined.” The Telegraph

In this documentary Grayson Perry navigates post-Brexit Britain in his own inimitable style by inviting Channel 4 viewers to help create his next major work – an attempt to capture what a divided country is thinking and turn it into art.

Grayson Perry: Divided Britain follows Grayson as he harnesses the power of Twitter and Facebook to invite the public to contribute ideas, images, phrases and photographs with which he can cover the surface of two enormous pots: one for the Brexiteers and one for the Remainers. Grayson believes that these are the two great tribes of our time – their differences far more fundamental than disagreement over the EU – and in this compelling film he explores their competing visions for the nation.

1×1 hour for Channel 4

Distributed by All3 Media International


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