Neil Crombie


Neil is Founder and Creative Director of Swan Films. He is a double BAFTA-winning Director, Producer, and an Executive Producer who works across all of Swan’s …

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Joe Evans


Joe is Founder and Managing Director of Swan Films. He is a double BAFTA-winning Producer who executive produces content across Swan’s output, as well as overseeing …

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Caroline Turner


Caroline is Swan’s Head of Production, with production management responsibility across the entire slate of programmes. Her credits include BAFTA-winning Grayson …

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Adam Simons


Adam is a self-shooting Assistant Producer working across a range of productions and developments for Swan. His recent credits include RTS and BAFTA-nominated Grayson …

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Marian Mohamed


Marian is a self-shooting Assistant Producer working on a series of Grayson Perry projects for Channel 4. Her past credits include the BAFTA-winning documentary My …

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Chester Fell


Chester is a Researcher at Swan Films, working across development and production. Since joining Swan, Chester has been involved in a number of productions, from Muslim …

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Claire Ennion


Claire is a Junior Production Manager currently working across Swan’s output. She joined Swan as a Production Co-ordinator in 2015. Her credits include Muslim …

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Aretha Holmes


Aretha joined Swan at the start of 2017 as a Production Co-ordinator and is currently working across a number of our productions. She recently made the move to production …

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Shaharul Khan


Shaharul is a trainee Runner/Researcher. Since graduating with a media degree, Shaharul has had various runner, researcher and production assistant roles on short …

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