Reviews for Working Class White Men

“An astute and sensitive piece of programme-making…In Professor Green TV has found an authentic voice in socially relevant factual film-making…Louis Theroux for the millenial generation.” The Telegraph

“Professor Green is now making a bit of name for himself as a maker of thoughtful, empathetic, relevant documentaries. Which this is. They trust him, he gets them, and gets to the issues.” The Guardian

“Green is a sincere and insightful presence…articulate, endearing young men share their experiences, and the results are frank and revealing.” i News

“Who better to front a series about working class white men than Professor Green…Prof Green seems a decent guy who hasn’t forgotten his roots. It’s been a great series and I hope he makes more.” The Sunday Mirror

Professor Green also appeared on Channel 4 News to talk about the series:

Watch here

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