Reviews for 50 Shades

“Moving, inspiring, challenging and richly enjoyable documentary…The bracingly un-PC Everett spoke frankly about sex, drugs and the school showers – but ultimately moving, optimistic and very funny. Forget The Kenny Everett Show. Somebody give Rupert his own series.” The Telegraph

“Rupert is an excellent guide. He listens, he talks, sometimes he’s outrageous…he’s charming, funny, clever, handsome and posh; because he’s Rupert Everett.” The Guardian

“If Everett’s rattle around gay Britain was thoughtful and good-humoured, it was distinguished by a contradiction at its heart, which only made things more interesting. Everett emphasised he wouldn’t want any of the gay advances to be undone – even as he lamented the loss of outsider spirit of the old days.” The Times

“A lovely film…I had no idea that he’d be this good at talking to builders in Southend, let alone to lesbians in Hebden Bridge. It has to do with the way that he is absolutely himself, a quality that people recognise and respond to in kind.” New Statesman

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