American High School Launches

Our latest series, six-part landmark BBC3 documentary American High School, launches on iPlayer today.

Watch here (UK only)

Filmed over the course of a year at a majority African-American High School in South Carolina, the series follows a charismatic principal and his students, including star football players, Ivy League hopefuls, male cheerleaders and young mothers as they prepare for the next step in life.

This is a High School as you’ve never seen it before, and a unique insight into how it really feels to be young and black in America today.

“A moving look at both the US public school system and what it means to be young and black in America.” The Observer

“High-flyer Jalena, who wants to study computer science at university, male cheerleader Vernon and ultra-competitive football player Kordel are among those speaking about their lives at the school and beyond, revealing their hopes and dreams in Black Lives Matter-era America.” The Sunday Times

“[The school] accommodates and nurtures kids as varied and likeable as absurdly high-achieving Jalena, male cheerleader Vernon, and beefcake football-player Kordel. And tough-but-tender principal Dr Peters is looking like a promising contender for best TV teacher ever.” The Guardian



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