Reviews for All Man

The first episode of our new series Grayson Perry: All Man aired on Channel 4 last week. Here are some of the reviews:

“Perry’s a terrific presenter: incisive and emotionally open…From a relatively simple premise – man meets people, man makes something – Perry and his team have fashioned something warm, wise and uplifting. Bafta could well beckon again.” Five stars in The Telegraph

“The best documentaries are those that deliver the unexpected and this was one. It was beautifully judged, containing not a moment that patronised the viewer but plenty that will have moved them to tears…This is how factual television should be.” The Times

“Perry’s great gift is to be at ease anywhere. An outsider to the art world by virtue of his class, an outsider to most other demographics by virtue of his transvestism, he is securely and unchangingly himself: a fixed point from which he can view all comers. Allied to a quick mind, compassionate spirit and unending curiosity, it makes him the perfect interviewer in every situation. So far, every documentary he has done has been one to treasure, and All Man is shaping up as no exception.” The Guardian

“Perry works with the applied crafts of tapestry and pottery, which question the line between masculine and feminine disciplines. But there is nothing fey about his eye or sensibility. This looks set to be an estimable, original series.” AA Gill in The Sunday Times

“Perry’s artworks, in reaction to his visit, were a labour intent on heartfelt tribute. They were also quietly brilliant. A miners’ banner, and an urn, representing “a folk-art requiem for a certain type of man”. They were unveiled after the miners’ gala in Durham Cathedral; a sombre and male affair, and this cross-dressing potter was accorded the fiercest of welcomes. Unusually poignant, and Perry makes a great companion: lucid and unafraid to show his intelligence, nor to expect the same of his interviewees.” The Observer

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