More Praise for All Man

“Another incredible series: Perry, always able to cut through to truth with ease, has found a niche as the nation’s commentator-in-chief.” The Guardian

“This is the right time for this series – gender stereotyping doesn’t just apply to women; suicide is the largest killer for men under 45 – and Perry is exactly the right person to make it. He possesses both an artist’s relentless curiosity and an endlessly affable manner. Men who don’t talk about stuff talk about stuff to him. Here he was as alive to social history as he was to modern psychology.” The Telegraph

“In my view, the Channel 4 films that have accompanied Perry’s recent artworks are a vital part of them. It’s all well and good standing in a gallery and stroking your chin but if you cast your eyes to the left and summon the concentration it takes to read the little rectangle of artistic blurb next to it, all of that context and explanation really helps transform that weird bit of twisted wire your kid could make into something deep and primal pulled from the soul. I’m sure that one reason Grayson Perry is so loved is his willingness to recognise TV for what it is – a valid cultural medium – and turn it into his own little rectangle of artistic blurb. And, to be fair, if I can get the high culture experience without even leaving my sofa, I am most definitely down.” The Guardian

“As well as being a Turner-Prize winning artist, Grayson Perry is carving an impressive niche as one of the best and most incisive TV presenters out there.” Heat

“Perry is a magnetic host.” The i

“Perry is so open and warm and naturally curious – he’s not looking to trip anyone up like, say, Louis Theroux – he makes a delightful companion whatever the journey.” Mail on Sunday

“When it comes to investigating the fraught territory of such things as class, taste and gender on TV, we have no one else who comes close. Perry’s lack of embarrassment, his refusal to make a mountain out of a molehill, his ability to talk to people without patronising or exploiting them: these are rare qualities. As a presenter he is a paradox: passionate but tranquil…There’s no phoniness in it. If you get tearful, as I did, you feel good about it rather than merely manipulated” New Statesman 

“Unusually poignant, and Perry makes a great companion: lucid and unafraid to show his intelligence, nor to expect the same of his interviewees.” The Observer

“Perry is a terrific interviewer.” The Radio Times

“You can count on artist Grayson Perry for television that opens cans of worms – then embroiders them beautifully.” Radio Times

“In this wonderful series….the film’s subjects are putty in the sculptor’s hands, perhaps because he treats their thoughts with such care.” The Sunday Times

“Perry has produced one of the absolutely best financial documentaries of recent years.” Le Monde (referring to episode 3)




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