Who Are You? Reviews

“Having already won the Turner Prize, Grayson Perry deserves at least a Bafta shortlisting for Who Are You? Engaging and educational, this is a consistently exciting merger of two visual media: art and television.” Mark Lawson, The Guardian, in an article entitled ‘How Grayson Perry has revolutionised art on television’

“With every passing minute of Grayson Perry: Who Are You? it became clearer who Grayson Perry was: simply the most intelligent artist working in Britain today.” Andrew Billen, The Times, (Five stars)

“Perry makes exceedingly good TV…It’s clever without being clever-clever, arty without being arty-farty. It’s sometimes funny, and it’s always very human.” Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“He is a television natural, assured and insightful, able to skewer the pompous and skilfully draw out more sympathetic interviewees…It turned out the potter also makes remarkably beautiful things.” Anita Singh, The Daily Telegraph

“What a great programme it was: just one tiny hour but fizzing with ideas and irreverence and thought, all punctuated by Grayson Perry’s dirty laughter…This programme was brilliant viewing.” Julie McDowall, Herald Scotland


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