More Who Are You? Reviews

“Wondrous series.” Julia Raeside, The Guardian

“A gob-smacking series.” The Independent

“I love Grayson Perry. You might almost call him the anti-Russell Brand: a genuinely talented artist who also has some very interesting stuff to say — as he’s demonstrating yet again in his highly entertaining new series…This was documentary TV such as they don’t often make these days: unpredictable, insightful, provocative.” James Delingpole, The Spectator

“The artist Grayson Perry may be the most wonderful man on earth: sensitive, perceptive, intelligent, plus he genuinely yearns to understand what makes people tick, so employs that intelligence, warmly, generously, inclusively.” Mail on Sunday

“Perry is a subtle and stimulating analyst of his subjects, especially in the mid-creation interrogations, during which he occasionally learns something about himself.” The Daily Telegraph

“The whole project is boldly original, fascinatingly revealing and warmer than a freshly baked potato wearing a self-heating fur onesie. It makes a refreshing change to see an interviewer who actually enjoys engaging with his subjects, rather than letting them shamelessly plug something or indulging in intellectual willy-waving. The result was wonderful television.” Michael Hogan

“This craft is piloted under the radar by Grayson Perry with such skill and dexterity that he drops Barnes Wallis-designed concepts to bust our dams before our brains are able to present defences…Perry’s craft in distilling [the subjects] essence presents universal and rather wonderful thoughts on what it is to belong.” Toby Earle, Evening Standard

“Perry proved himself a master interrogator…More prizes all round for Grayson Perry.” Andrew Collins, The Guardian

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