Exclusive Grayson Video

To launch ‘Who Are You? with Grayson Perry’, Channel 4 have released our short film revealing Grayson’s self-portrait:


The print – A Map of Days – is one of the fourteen portraits that will feature in the upcoming National Portrait Gallery exhibition which accompanies the series.

For the programmes Grayson has spent time with Britons facing a moment in their lives when they need to define who they are, distilling his impressions of each of them into a portrait.

The other portraits in the exhibition feature contributors to the series including a young transgender man, Loyalist marchers in Northern Ireland, former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne, deaf parents, a Muslim convert, a couple living with Alzheimer’s and X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark.

‘Who Are You? with Grayson Perry’ begins on Channel 4 on 22nd October.

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